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Corner stone placed for an office building offered by Latio in a business park "Rixport" of European importance

Riga, September 23rd, 2009
Information presented by Latio

On September 23, an office building was presented in one of the largest investment projects in Latvia - RIXPORT Business Park – near the RIGA International Airport. RIXPORT is a unique project of Northern European importance, with a goal to become centre of business world between the East and the West.

The large-scale project covering 25 ha of land area provides office, hotel, exhibition and conference buildings, as well as infrastructure, service and leisure units over the total area of 300,000 sqm.

„All over the world, business centres develop around airports and - with business environment becoming more international and globalization rate growing – speed and mobility count for much. Hence business parks grow rapidly in the vicinity of airports all over Europe, and the case of Latvia is a particular one thanks to synergy of its perfect location and business culture. We invest because we believe in development of Latvia and the airport”, notes Petter Lundeby, executive director of Rixport Ltd..

Latio has signed cooperation agreement on lease of the first office building of the scheme.

Liaison – commercial property trade specialist Solvita Ponamarjova, , tel. 67142624, 26115754.

Facts on RIGA Airport business park “Rixport”:

Investor – “EBO Invest” JSC
Project developer – “Rixport” Ltd.
Funding – “DnB NORD Banka” JSC
Architecture – “Arhiidea” Ltd.
Construction works – “NCC” Ltd.

Investment volume – 400 million EUR
Land lease agreement is concluded between ”Rixport” and the airport for 25+25 years
Term of the project implementation by the year 2020
Land area used by “Rixport” – 25 ha
Coverage of the buildings under construction – 300,000 sqm

After the 1st round constructed by 2014:
Office area 100,000 sqm (6 to 8 buildings)
2 hotels, 400 rooms in total
Parking – 2500 and 4000 parking lots for the airport
Exhibition and conference centre – up to 40,000 sqm (includes up to 32,000 sqm of exhibition space, and 15,000 sqm of conference facilities with up to 5000 seats)
Infrastructure, service and leisure units

After the 2nd round constructed by 2020:
Office area – 150,000 sqm (8 to 10 buildings)
3 hotels, 600 rooms in total
Parking – 4000 and 6500 for the airport
Greened area
Fully finished, urbanized environment with developed infrastructure, buildings of different services – technologic, retail, etc.

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