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- 617 EUR/m² - index of standart type apartments
+1.1% - Changes per month

- 1985 EUR/m² - index of new apartments
+1.9% - changes per quarter

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Apartments in a new apartment house in Liepāja

July 6, 2006

Real estate company «Latio» begins sale of apartments in a new apartment house in Liepāja, Daugavas Street 4, located in the district of Ezerkrasts. In cooperation with JSC «DnB NORD Banka», a special crediting offer has been prepared for buyers of these apartments – the possible credit amount is up to 90 percent of the apartment cost. Clients do not have to submit a real estate valuation to the bank.

«In addition to the favourable crediting conditions offered by the bank, buyers have another advantage in purchasing an apartment in Daugavas Street 4 – the apartment price range in this building is slightly lower than in other new dwelling-house projects presently available in Liepāja,» says Andrejs Džeriņš, «Latio» Liepāja branch manager.

In the six-story building in Daugavas Street 4, which will be commissioned in October, «Latio» is offering 96 apartments with areas ranging from 36 to 87 square metres. In the first five stories, standard 1-3 room apartments are available. In the sixth storey, garret apartments have been built with skylight windows and specially designed glazing for the balcony wall. All apartments have balconies. All stairways have in-built lifts.

The average price of first-storey apartments is approximately 1150 EUR/m2, from the second to fifth storey – approximately 1200 EUR/ m2, in the sixth storey – approximately 1250 EUR/m2. The apartments are offered with partial finish – plastering for the walls, concrete surfacing for the floors, metal outer door for each apartment. In the district of Ezerkrasts, where the new-built apartment house is located, there is a convenient public transport connection with the city centre.

The data of a real estate market analysis carried out by «Latio», which is currently being summarised, indicate that Ezerkrasts is one of those Liepāja districts in which demand for dwelling spaces is the largest. One- and two-room apartments are still the most popular ones in Liepāja.

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